Digital Goods

2 video options: 1) Rent each individual video for 72 hours 2) Buy a 1 year subscription for all 3 videos-see details below. Watch trailers by clicking on the play button. To rent, click the rent icon. Ebook: Top 50 Questions from Student RDNs about LTC can also be purchased from Amazon-see link below.

Outline for LTC videos

LTC Video Series by Doreen Rodo, M.Ed., RDN, CDN

3 CC LTC videos (one-year subscription, requiring no signing into Vimeo) All updated 2019. Videos are: • Nutrition in LTC (explains the Nutrition Care Process for LTC) {30 minutes}. • How to fill out the “K” section of the MDS (explains how to successfully fill out the Minimum Data Set) {14 minutes}. • LTC RD and the State Survey (explains about “F” tags and gives tips for the RDs role during the survey) {12 minutes}. Students will have access to the videos throughout the year 1) Simply purchase through PayPal (you may pay as a guest, if you do not have an account) 2) I will send you the direct links. 3) Email me at: with any questions


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