CDR Certified Item Writer

My procedure for writing test questions for the Commission on Dietetic Registration: 

Option #1: 

  • The writer of the continuing education program comes up with their questions and then hands them off to me to edit and ensure that they meet test question requirements. Additional information may be needed, such as notes and objectives for the program. Hourly or project fee applies.

Option #2:  

  • The writer provides all the material for creating questions on the continuing education program.  Questions will align with the program’s objectives, meet test writing standards, and will be revised after discussion with the writer. Hourly or project fee applies. 

Option #3:

  • Collaboration with the writer on the entire program, including the research, splitting half the profits. The writer must know about obtaining CDR approval for the program or be an approved CDR-approved provider.

Communication back and forth may be necessary to ensure that questions adequately meet objectives. 

Contact me at the above email to discuss how we can work together on your project.

Additional information:

What is a Dietitian Item Writer: