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15 easy ways to increase calories in LTC

Mix 4oz ice cream with chocolate milk Mix 4oz Magic Cup with 8oz whole milk or Ensure Plus Extra cottage cheese at a meal (can be puréed also) Add 30 mL liquid protein to 4oz juice 1oz peanut butter with toast or English Muffin… Continue Reading “15 easy ways to increase calories in LTC”

Ace your LTC/Clinical Rotation

I am a RDN with over 25 years of experience in LTC. Over the past few years, I have been working with students as a preceptor. This led me to create four nutrition presentations that have proven to be helpful to student dietitians and… Continue Reading “Ace your LTC/Clinical Rotation”

Sample nutrition note for a resident with a decline in meal intake

5/20/17-Resident has experienced a decline in meal intake the past week r/t UTI with ABT therapy.  She denies any difficulty chewing or swallowing. Currently eating 25-50% of meals, which is down from her usual 50-100%. Weight taken on 5/3/17 was 136# and was stable… Continue Reading “Sample nutrition note for a resident with a decline in meal intake”

Evaluating Weight Loss

Tips for evaluating weight loss: State the % of weight loss and whether it was significant over 30, 90 or 180 days Remember that many times residents may lose weight initially after the hospital due to receiving IVF during their stay.   So if they… Continue Reading “Evaluating Weight Loss”

LTC Videos

Also available: LTC and the State Survey Link to Long-term  care videos


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