I am happy to report that I have updated my practical guide for student dietitians. Here is a short preview:


     Working in long-term care for over thirty years has been rewarding and challenging. I’m amazed at how many things have changed since I began. For example, when I started, there were no clear guidelines for providing nutrition therapy. Most dietitians were doing their own thing, which needed to be clarified. Fortunately, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) realized this and launched its Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) in 2004. Academy members reviewed many studies to develop practice guidelines for dietitians (RDNs) and diet technicians (DTRs). The outcomes of the evidence-based reviews were labeled as Strong, Fair, Weak, Consensus, and Insufficient Evidence. (1) It is an excellent tool for nutrition professionals who want to make sound nutritional recommendations. To make the process easier for RDNs, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics developed a “NutriGuides Mobile” app in 2013 to provide further information. (2) Since today’s world is highly mobile and many students and RDNs likely have smartphones, I will utilize the “NutriGuides” app for some of my evidence-based guidelines.

     In addition, other organizations have input on nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, and many other nutrition-related topics. I will point out some of the recommendations from these groups so you can see that there is more to the process than just the opinion of a few Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) members that have reviewed select articles. Furthermore, this project will also serve as a continuing education project for RDNs.

About the author: 

     Recently, I obtained an online Master’s degree in Nutrition Education from Framingham State University. It was an excellent program, and it caused me to want to branch out into education and provide information to interns, new RDNs, and DTRs. Thus, this e-book was born. I’ve had the opportunity to do online presentations for many student groups this past couple of years and be the guest speaker on the class discussion board for over 90 Iowa State students. From that experience, I devised a list of practical questions students have asked me. My goal is to share these questions with other students and nutritional professionals so that they can see what it’s like to be a dietitian in LTC.

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