F Tag 807

F Tag 807 is: Drinks Available to Meet Needs/Preferences/Hydration-this blog post gives specific examples of why this tag was out of compliance at four facilities. It also stresses the importance of providing fresh water to all residents. This is a must read for students and RDNs who want to understand more about the compliance of this tag.


Ways the RDN can help meet F Tag 807

*Investigate large, unexplained weight loss-request that labs be drawn. Look at the resident do they appear to be well-hydrated? If there is no apparent reason for the weight loss, it may be dehydration.

*Visit the resident and explain the importance of adequate hydration. Offer to get them a drink-document any approaches in your progress note.

*Ask alert residents if they drink from their water pitcher daily. If yes, document this in the medical record. If no, ask if they are getting fresh water throughout the day. If they are not, discuss with the nurse on the unit or if the problem is widespread, the Director or Assistant Director of Nursing.

*Look at residents with dementia. Do they appear to be getting adequate fluids throughout the day? If not, order an extra 120 mL with each med pass or an extra 240 mL bid.

*Visit with the resident if they appear to be dehydrated or have decline in fluid intake to see if beverage preferences are up-to-date.

*Make sure that the resident gets the appropriate adaptive equipment.

*Refer to SLP or OT for issues with swallowing or need for adaptive equipment

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