10 easy ways to connect with a RDN mentor:

1. Email Doreen Rodo at dietitianmentor@yahoo.com. You can ask any RDN related questions. Specialty is LTC, writing and making videos for students.

2. Join the “Dietitian Mentor” Facebook group and post a question.

3. Join the Facebook group: “Dietitians on the blog” and visit their mentorship tab.

4. Volunteer to write a short article for a blog created by a RDN

5. Visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: https://www.eatrightpro.org/practice/career-development/mentoring-networking-and-volunteering

6. Attend a local dietitians meeting and network with RDNs in your area

7. Create a profile on LinkedIn and connect with RDN members

8. Comment on posts from RDNs and ask questions

9. Call a local hospital, food bank or a LTC facility and ask to shadow the dietitian

10. Participate in the RD mentorship program in Florida and Texas. Contact person-Kristen Hicks: kristen.hicks@unf.edu

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