Evaluating Weight Loss

Tips for evaluating weight loss:

  • State the % of weight loss and whether it was significant over 30, 90 or 180 days
  • Remember that many times residents may lose weight initially after the hospital due to receiving IVF during their stay.   So if they are eating 100% and have had a weight loss, this may be the cause.  Knowing their UBW can help to identify this.
  • Monitor for changes in edema
  • Assess for any declines in intake, socialization and look for increased lethargy
  • Note any medication changes (look for changes or additions of diuretics, thyroid and diabetic medications, and prednisone etc.)
  • Speak to staff and resident (or family member)
  • Investigate possible chewing or swallowing problems
  • Look for signs and symptoms of malnutrition and dehydration when speaking with the resident
  • Come up with a plan to stop the weight loss with the resident, family and/or nurse
  • Make recommendations that are appropriate for the individual resident
  • State when you will follow-up
  • Update the Resident Care Plan
  • On next visit: Check to see that the recommendations were written

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